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    Ahaicatholicos - ܐܚܝ (A Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor, d. 415) Names: AḥaiCatholicos of CtesiphonAḥaiKatholikos AḥaiKatholikosAḥaiURI:
    Babowai, catholicos - ܒܐܒܘܝ (A Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor) Names: BabowaiBaboySt.Catholicos of the EastBaboiKatholikosBàb(h)ôjBabojURI:
    Denha I - ܕܢܚܐ ܩܕܡܝܐ (A Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor, d. 1281) Names: DenḥaIMar Denha IDenḥaICatholicosMârDenhâDenḥa IKatholikosDènḥāI.Mar Denha ICatholicos of the Church of the EastURI:
    Isaac, catholicos — - ܐܝܣܚܩ Names: IsḥaqIsaacthe Catholicos of CtesiphonKatholikos JsḥaqKatholikosJsḥaq"Bp. of Seleucia-Ctesiphon, and Cath."URI:
    catholicos - ܡܥܢܐ (A Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor, d. 420) Names: Ma‛nathe CatholicosMaʿnaManaMa‘naURI:
    Pethion - ܦܬܝܘܢ(Qadishe: A Guide to the Syriac Saintssaint) Names: PethiyōnPeṯyōnPéthionPÉṮIŌNPetyonIn hagiography Pethion a patriarch was a man of virtue who formed a favorable relationship with a Muslim governor Halid al Qasri whose mother...URI:
    TimothyIcatholicos - ܛܝܡܬܐܘܣ ܩܕܡܝܐ (A Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor, 727/8 - 823) Names: TimotheosITimothyICatholicosTimothyITimotheus I Katholikos"Cath. of the Ch. of E. Timotheos was born in the village of Ḥazza (near Arbela in Iraq )."URI: