Aba of Kashkar - ܐܒܐ ܟܫܟܪܝܐ (sometime between 550 - 650)   author



Polymath, author, and diplomat during the reigns of Shah Khusrau II of Persia (r. 590-628), Emperor Maurice of Byzantium (r. 582-602), Catholicos Sabrishoʿ I (r. 596-604) and Catholicos Gregory I (r. 605-608/9). 3

Names: ܐܒܐ ܟܫܟܪܝܐ 6, 7 Aba of Kashkar 3 Aba of Kashkar ܐܰܒܳܐ ܟܰܫܟܪܳܝܳܐ 2 ܐܲܒܵܐ ܟܲܫܟܪܵܝܵܐ 1 Aba of Kashkar Àb(h)ā v Kaškar 3

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  • Floruit: late 6th/early 7th cent.3


  1. Aba of Kashkar should be distinguished from the later Catholicos Aba II of Kashkar, with whom he has sometimes been confused (by Wright, among others). He should also be distinguished from Abraham of Kashkar, despite a note by Assemani that could seem to imply their identity. 3, 2, 4


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