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    bar HebraeusGregorius - ܓܪܝܓܘܪܝܘܣ ܒܪ ܥܒܪܝܐ (Qadishe: A Guide to the Syriac SaintssaintA Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor, 1225/6 - 1286) Names: Bar ʿEbroyoGrigoriosBar HebraeusMarGregoriusBar HebraeusGregoriusBar ʿEbroyoGregoryBarhebraeusAbū al-FarajBarhebraeusBar Ebroyo GrigoriosBar ‘Ebroyo GrigoriosBar Ebroyo GregoryBar ‘Ebroyo GregoryGrégoireBarhebraeusGrigorīyos bar ʿEbroyoGregory Bar-HebraeusGregory Bar HebraeusGīgōrīyōs bar ʾEḇrayāGrégoire Bar-HebraeusGRÉGOIRE BAR HÉBRAEUSGregory Abu-l-Faraj, Bar ʿEbraya [Bar Hebraeus]Gregorius Abu-l-Farag, Barhebraeus"Maph. (since 1264) and polymath."URI: