A Short History of Syriac Literature


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William Wright. A Short History of Syriac Literature. London: Adam and Charles Black, 1894.

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Title: A Short History of Syriac Literature

Author: William Wright

Publisher: Adam and Charles Black

Place of Publication: London

Date of Publication: 1894

URI: http://syriaca.org/bibl/639  Link to Syriaca.org Bibliographic Record

URI: https://archive.org/details/shorthistoryofsy00wrig  Link to Archive.org Bibliographic record

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AbaAba II of KashkarAba of KashkarAbraham of NathparʿAbshmayyaAcacius of SeleuciaAphrahatBalai, bishop of BalshBardaisanBarsauma of NisibisCyriacus, patriarch of AntiochCyrillonaDaniel of SalahDenhaDionysios bar SalibiDionysios of Tel MahreElijah IEphremGregory of CyprusHiba of Edessa
Hiba of EdessaIsaac of AmidIsaac of NinevehJacob BaradaeusJacob of SerughJohn, metropolitan of DaraJohn of DalyathaJohn of EphesusJohn of TellaMara, metropolitan of AmidMarutha of MaypherqatMarutha of TagritMaʿna of ShirazMichael the GreatMoses bar KiphoMoses of AggelNarsaiPaul, bishop of KallinikosPaul of NisibisPeter of KallinikosPethionPhilipPhiloxenos of MabbugPhocas of EdessaProba of AntiochRabbula of EdessaSeverus of the Monastery of Saint BarbaraSimeon bar SabbaʿeSimeon the PotterSimeon the StyliteStephen Bar SudayliTheodosius, the patriarchThomas of HarqelZenobius
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53 record(s) cite this work.
Aba - ܐܒܐ (A Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor, ca. 400 ) Names: AbaAbaMar AbaÀb(h)ā"Disciple of Ephrem , author, and biblical commentator."URI: http://syriaca.org/person/308/tei
Aba II of Kashkar - ܐܒܐ ܒܪ ܒܪܝܟ ܨܒܝܢܗ (A Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor, 641 - 751) Names: Abaof KashkarIIMar Aba IIMàr(j)Àb(h)āII.Mar Aba II KatholikosAbabar Brik Ṣebyaneh"Scholar, Bp. of Kashkar , and Cath. (741-751)."URI: http://syriaca.org/person/307/tei
Aba of Kashkar - ܐܒܐ ܟܫܟܪܝܐ (A Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor, late 6th/early 7th cent. ) Names: Aba of KashkarÀb(h)āv Kaškar Polymath author and diplomat during the reigns of Shah Khusrau II of Persia r 590 628 Emperor Maurice of Byzantium r 582 602...URI: http://syriaca.org/person/1086/tei
Abraham of Nathpar — - ܐܒܪܗܡ ܢܬܦܪܝܐ (Qadishe: A Guide to the Syriac SaintssaintA Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor, 6th - early 7th cent. ) Names: Abrahamof NaphtarAbraham of NatparAbrahamde NathparAbrāhām NeptarāyāAbraham of NethparAbraham of NaphtarʾAḇrāhām NeptarāyāAbraham de NethparABRAHAM DE NEṮPARAbraham of NathparAbraham de NathparAbraham de Nephtar"Monastic author At various points in the tradition the pe ܦ and the tau ܬ in the name Naphtar have been transposed The..."URI: http://syriaca.org/person/321/tei
ʿAbshmayya - ܥܒܫܡܝܐ (A Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor, 4th century ) Names: ‛AbsmayyaThe PriestʿAbshmayyāAbshmayyā‘AbshmayyāAbsamya of EdessaʿAb(h)samjāURI: http://syriaca.org/person/16/tei

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