TEI Tag usage in Gazetteer


(TEI document) contains a single TEI-conformant document, comprising a TEI header and a text, either in isolation or as part of a teiCorpus element. [4. 15.1. ]


(identifier) contains an identifier or name for an object of some kind in a formal language. ident is used for tokens such as variable names, class names, type names, function names etc. in formal programming languages. [22.1.1. ]

(name, proper noun) contains a proper noun or noun phrase. [3.5.1. ]

(reference) defines a reference to another location, possibly modified by additional text or comment. [3.6. 16.1. ]

contains the name of a dramatic role, as given in a cast list. [7.1.4. ]

describes the original source for the information contained with a manuscript description. [ ]

indicates a point in time either relative to other elements in the same timeline tag, or absolutely. [16.5.2. ]