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Metropolitan of Tagrit.1


  • ܡܪܘܬܐ ܕܬܓܪܝܬ4
  • Marutha of Tagrit
  • ܡܪܘܬܐ6
  • ܡܰܪܘܬܶܐ ܕܬܰܓܪܝܬ4
  • ماروثا التكريتي3
  • Marouta de Tagrit6
  • Maroutha of Tagrit
  • Marūtā
  • Marutha of Tagrit
  • Marutha Tagrithesis13
  • Mārūṯā6
  • Marutha of Tagrit1, 10
  • Marutha of Tagrit1, 10
  • Marutha of Takrit2

Sex: male7


  • Syr. Orth. 1


In hagiography: Marutha of Tagrit was born near Balad and became a monk of the monastery of Mar Zakkay and then at Mor Matay. He became the first Maphrian of the Syrian Orthodox Church in the Sasanian empire.

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  • Death: 6491, 7


  • The saint is venerated on Syr. iacob., iar 2. (BHO). 7


: Dolabani's spelling of "Marutha" in Syriac should have an 'a' vowel instead of an 'e' vowel at the end: ܡܰܪܘܬܶܐ ܕܬܰܓܪܝܬ

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Marutha of Tagrit  Born at (1) records. Marutha of Tagrit  Has relation to place (8) records.
Dayro d-Nardas (monastery) - ܕܝܪܐ ܕܢܪܕܣ Names: Monastery of NardesA monastery near Mosul .URI:
Mar Zakkay (monastery) - ܕܝܪܐ ܕܡܪܝ ܙܟܝ Names: Zakka Monasterymonastery of Mar ZakkayTell Bi'aA monastery near Kallinikos .URI:
Mor Matay (monastery) - ܕܝܪܐ ܕܡܪܝ ܡܬܝ Names: Matthew Monasterymonastery of Mar MattayMār Mattai"Located on the Alfof Mountain known in Arabic as Jabal Maqlūb 35 km northeast of Mosul the monastery is mostly known by its..."URI:
Adharbayjān (region) - ܐܕܪܒܝܓܐܢ Names: AzerbaijanAzerbayjanA region west of the Caspian Sea, encompassing the modern country of Azerbaijan and the provinces of northwest Iran.URI:
Khurasan (region) - ܟܘܪܐܣܐܢ Names: KhorasanKhorasānA region east and somewhat south of the Caspian Sea .URI:
Afghanistan (region) - ܐܦܓܐܢܣܬܐܢ Names: ΑfghanistanA region of Central Asia .URI:
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