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Monk and abbot. Barṣawmo was a supporter of Dioscorus of Alexandria.1


  • ܒܪܨܘܡܐ4, 6
  • Barsauma
  • ܒܰܪܨܰܘܡܳܐ4
  • برصوم3
  • Barsauma5
  • Barsauma le Syrien6
  • Barsauma the Syrian
  • Barṣawmā
  • Barsawmā6
  • Barṣawmo1
  • Barṣoum2

Sex: male7


  • Syr. Orth. 1


In early sources, Barsauma was known for his ardent support for Dioscorus of Alexandria at the Second Council of Ephesus and his support for Eutyches at the Council of Chalcedon. In later hagiography, Barsauma was widely commemorated in the miaphysite churches as a monastic and missionary leader who was the head of mourners at a monastery near Melitene. A later influential Syrian orthodox monastery in the same region,Dayro d-Mor Barṣawmo, was named after him. He was a disciple of Abraham of the high mountain.

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  • Death: 4587 or ca. 4581

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