George of Reshʿayna - ܓܝܘܪܓܝ ܕܪܝܫ ܥܝܢܐ (d. after the death of Maximus the Confessor (662))


Author of a work about his contemporary Maximus the Confessor (d. 662), and a bishop under Sophronios of Jerusalem (r. 634-638). The manuscript witness (BM Add. 7192, ff. 72b-78b) gives his name as both Gewargis and Gregorios, one of which is likely a scribal error.2


  • ܓܝܘܪܓܝ ܕܪܝܫ ܥܝܢܐ
  • ܓܝܘܪܓܝ2
  • ܓܪܝܓܘܪܝ ܬܠܡܝܕܗ ܕܣܘܦܪܘܢܝܣ ܐܦܣܩܘܦܐ ܕܐܘܪܫܠܡ ܕܐܝܬܝ ܡܢ ܪܝܫ ܥܝܢܐ2
  • Georges de Resh ‘Ayna1
  • George2
  • George of Reshʿaina2
  • George of Reshʿayna
  • Gewargis of Reshʿayna
  • Gregorios from Reshʿaina, a disciple of Sophronios, the bishop of Jerusalem2
  • Gregory of Reshʿaina2
  • GRYGWRY of Reshʿaina, disciple of Sophronios2
  • ḥasya George (GYWRGY) the monk2

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  • Death: after the death of Maximus the Confessor (662)2


Brock tentatively suggests the identification of this George with the author of an apparently monothelete Chalcedonian florilegium contained in BM Add. 14535 ff. 1-20. He considers it unlikely that this author was late enough to be identified with the George present at the Sixth Council (680/681).

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