Melito of Sardis - ܡܝܠܝܛܘܢ (sometime between 100 - 300) This page is an entry in A Guide to Syriac Authors


“Meliton is the presumed author of a short ‘Oration (memrā) before Antoninus Caesar’, preserved in ms. Brit. Libr. Add 14,658, the same ms. which also is our sole witness for the ‘Book of the laws of the countries’ associated with Bardaiṣan and for the ‘Letter of Mara bar Serapion’. ” 1


  • ܡܝܠܝܛܘܢ
  • Melito of Sardis
  • Bischof Meliton von Sardes
  • Melito2
  • Melito of Sardis2
  • Melito of Sardis2
  • Meliton the Philosopher1


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    • Floruit: 2nd or 3rd cent.1

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