Athanos, malphono - ܐܬܢܘܣ (818) This page is an entry in A Guide to Syriac Authors



  • ܐܬܢܘܣ
  • Athanos, malphono
  • ܐܬܢܘܣ ܡܠܦܢܐ3
  • ܐܰܬܰܢܘܳܣ ܡܰܠܦܳܢܐ3
  • آتنوس الملفان2
  • Athanasios
  • Atanos
  • Malphono Athanus1

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Athanos, malphono  Has relation to place (1)
Kallinikos (settlement) - ܩܐܠܘܢܝܩܝ Names: Raqqaʿal-RaqqaʿCallinicumal-RaqqaCallinicusRaqqaRaqqa‘al-Raqqaal-Raqqa‘A city on the Euphrates where the Daiṣan enters it.URI:

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