Histoire des moines de Syrie: Histoire Philothée


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Pierre Canivet and Alice Leroy-Molinghen, Histoire des moines de Syrie: Histoire Philothée, Sources Chrétiennes, vol. 257 (Paris: Cerf, 1977).

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Title: Histoire des moines de Syrie: Histoire Philothée

Author: Theodoret of Cyrrhus

Editor: Pierre Canivet

Editor: Alice Leroy-Molinghen

Publisher: Cerf

Place of Publication: Paris

Date of Publication: 1977


Title: Sources Chrétiennes

Volume: 257

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Tell ʿAda Telneshe

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Tell ʿAda (settlement) - ܬܠܥܕܐ Names: TalʿadaTell AdaTell AdaTell ‘AdaTaladaTal‘adaMonastery of Tell AdaMonastery of Tell ‘AdaΤελεδάνΤέλεδανΤελείανΤελεδᾶνTeledaA village 48 km. west of Aleppo known for the nearby Monastery of Tell ʿAda .URI: http://syriaca.org/place/198
Telneshe (settlement) - ܬܠܢܫܐ Names: ΤελάνισσοςDeir Sem‘anA village in ancient Syria .URI: http://syriaca.org/place/2567

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