Aphraatis Sapientis Persae Demonstrationes


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Jean Parisot, ed., Aphraatis Sapientis Persae Demonstrationes, Patrologia Syriaca, vol. 1.1 (Paris: Firmin-Didot, 1894).

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Title: Aphraatis Sapientis Persae Demonstrationes

Editor: Jean Parisot

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Place of Publication: Paris

Publisher: Firmin-Didot

Date of Publication: 1894


Title: Patrologia Syriaca

Volume: 1.1

Status: uncorrected-draft
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Subject Headings:

Demonstration 10: On PastorsDemonstration 11: On CircumcisionDemonstration 12: On PassoverDemonstration 13: On the SabbathDemonstration 14: On ExhortationDemonstration 15: On the Distinction between FoodsDemonstration 16: On the Peoples in Place of the PeopleDemonstration 17: On the Messiah, who is the Son of GodDemonstration 18: Against the Jews, On Virginity and HolinessDemonstration 19: Against the Jews, because they say that they will be gathered togetherDemonstration 1: On FaithDemonstration 20: On Care for the PoorDemonstration 21: On PersecutionDemonstration 22: On Death and the Last TimesDemonstration 2: On LoveDemonstration 3: On FastingDemonstration 4: On PrayerDemonstration 5: On WarsDemonstration 6: On the Bnay QyamaDemonstration 7: On Penitents
Demonstration 7: On PenitentsDemonstration 8: On the Resurrection of the DeadDemonstration 9: On HumilityPrefatory Letter
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