Acta martyrum et sanctorum

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Paul Bedjan, ed. Acta martyrum et sanctorum. Parisiis; Lipsiae: Harrasssowitz, 1890.

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Title: Acta martyrum et sanctorum

Editor: Paul Bedjan

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Place of Publication: Parisiis; Lipsiae

Publisher: Harrasssowitz

Date of Publication: 1890

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Subject Headings:

Aaron (text)ʿAbdaʿAbdaAbda, Hasho, Isaac, Ephrem, Papa, Dadouq, Dourtan and Papa (text)ʿAbda, ʿAbdisho, and their Friends (text)Abdalmasiḥ (text)ʿAbdishoʿAbhaiAbḥai (text)Abn (text)Abraham, bishop of ArbelaAbraham, Bishop of Arbela (text)Abraham QidounayaAbraham Qidounaya (text)Abraham the Egyptian (text)Acacius (text)Acepsimas, Joseph and Ithallaha (text)AddaiAdorhormizd (Dadishoʿ)Agapius, Two Alexanders, Two Dionysii, Timothy, Romulus, and Paesis (text)
Agapius, Two Alexanders, Two Dionysii, Timothy, Romulus, and Paesis (text)Agapius (text)Agnes (text)AitalahaAitalaha and Ḥapsay (text)Alexandria (text)Alosis (text)AlphaeusAlphaeus, Zachaeus, and Romanus (text)AmaiAmantalida (text)Amoun (text)Amoun (text)Amoun (text)Amoun (text)Amoun (text)Amphilochios of IkonionAnahidAnanias of ArbelaAnanias of Arbela (text)Anatolus the NotaryAndronicus and Athanasia (text)An Elder (text)An Elder (text)Anonymi 3139 - Two children of ShirinAntoninus, Zebinas, Germanus, and Mannathus (text)Antony (text)Apalin (text)Apollo (text)Apollo and Amoun (text)Apollo and John (text)Apollonios (text)Apollo the Young (text)ʿAqebshmaAres, Primus, and Elijah (text)On a Saint (text)Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria (text)Aurelius (text)AwginAwgin (text)Awgin (text)AzadAzad and his Companions (text)Babowaï (text)BabylasBabylas and the Three Children (text)Badai the PriestBadai the Priest (text)BadmaBadma (text)BarbaraBarbaʿshminBarba‘shmin and his Companions (text)Barhadbeshabba (text)BarhadbshabbaBarsamyaBarsamya (text)Barsamya (text)Bar ShebyaBarshebya (text)Basil the Great (text)BassusBassus, Susan, Stephen, Longinus (text)BawaiBehnamBehnamBehnam and Sara (text)Benjamin (text)Berikhisho and ʿAbdisho (text)Bessarion (text)Bessarion (text)BishoiBishoi (text)Bishoi (text)Bishop (text)BrikhishoʿBrother (text)A Brother (text)A Brother (text)Brotherly Neighbor of Poimen (text)Brothers of Oxyrhynchus (text)Candida (text)Capiton (text)Carnidos (text)Charisios, Nicephorus, and Papias (text)The Children or Sleepers of Ephesus (text)Christina YazdoiChristine Yazdouy (text)Chronios (text)Clement (text)A Compassionate Monk of Ancyra (text)Copros and Patermoutis (text)Cosmos and Damian (text)Cosmos of Sinai (text)Courtesan (text)Courtesan (text)The Cross Narrative (How it was Thrown into a Pit by Jews) (text)Cyprian and Justa (text)CyriacusCyriacus and Julietta, his Mother (text)Cyril of Alexandria (text)DadoDaduDanielDaniel and Warda (text)Daniel the Doctor (text)Deacon (text)Didymus (text)Didymus (text)Diocles (text)Dionysius the Areopagite (text)Dioscorus (text)Disciple of an Elder (text)Disciple of an Elder of Scetis (text)Disciple of an Elder of Scetis (text)Disciple of a Solitary Elder (text)Dodo (text)Domitius (text)Domninus (text)Dorotheos (text)Dorotheus (text)Dorotheus (text)Elder from Scete (text)Eleutheria, Anthia, and Qorabor (text)Elijah, Friend of the Virgins (text)Elijah (text)Elijah (text)Elijah (text)Elpidos (text)Ephrem (text)Ephrem (text)Ephrem of Edessa (text)Ephrem the ScribeEpiphanius (text)Eucarpios (text)Eugenia and her Friends (text)Eulogius (text)Eulogius and the Leper (text)Euphrosyne (text)Eusebius, Bishop of Rome (text)Eusebius of Samosata (text)Eustathius (text)Evagrius (text)Evagrius (text)Fathers (text)Fathers (text)Fathers (text)Fathers (text)Fathers (text)Fathers (text)Fathers (text)Fathers of Nitria (text)Febronia of Nisibis (text)The First Finding of the Cross (text)Gaddai (text)Gelasia (text)George the Martyr, Anthony the General, and Alexandra the Queen (text)GourbarlahaGourbarlaha and Qazo (text)GouryaGregory of Nyssa (text)Gregory the Theologian (text)Gregory the Wonderworker (text)GuhishtazadGuhishtazadGuria and Shmona (text)HabibHabib (text)Ḥabib (text)Hadrian and Eubulus (text)HeliodorusHeronios and His Wife (text)The Himyarite Martyrs (text)A Holy Man (text)Hyperechius, Philotheus, Jacob, Paragros, Ḥabib, Romanus, and Lollian (The Seven Martyrs of Samosata) (text)Ignatius of Antioch (text)The Imprisoned Martyrs of Beth Zabdai (text)Innocent (text)Isaiah of AleppoIsaiah of Aleppo (text)Isidore (text)Isidore (text)JacobJacob and Azad (text)Jacob of AdiabeneJacob of NisibisJacob of Nisibis (text)Jacob of Nisibis (text)Jacob the Cut-UpJacob the Cut-Up (text)Jacob the Lame (text)Jacob the NotaryJacob the Notary (text)Jacob the PriestJames and Mary (text)John (text)John bar Malke (text)John bar MaryamJohn Chrysostom (text)John of Lycopolis (text)John of Lycopolis (text)John the AlmsgiverJohn the Almsgiver (text)John the Bishop and the Priest Jacob (text)JonahJonah of AnbarJonah the Anchorite (text)Jonah the Anchorite (text)JulianaJuliana (text)Julian SabaJulian Saba (text)Julius, Pope of Rome (text)Leonius and Publius (text)Lucianus and Marcian (text)Macarius (text)Macarius (text)Macarius (text)Macarius and a Virgin (text)Macarius the Alexandrian (text)Macarius the Egyptian (text)Macarius the Great (text)Magna (text)Malcha the Solitary (text)MalkeMalke (text)Mama, Theodute, and Rufina (text)Mamas (text)Marcus (text)Marcus the Younger (text)MariMari (text)Marina (text)Marinus the NotaryMarthaMartha, daughter of Posi (text)120 Martyrs (text)The Martyrs of Beth Garmai (text)The Martyrs of Karka d-Beth Slokh (text)Martyrs of Karka d-Beth Slokh and of different places (text)The Martyrs of Khouzistan (text)Martyrs of Palestine (text)Martyrs of Persia (text)The Martyrs of Sebaste (text)The Martyrs of Sebaste (text)The Martyrs of the Orient (text)Mary (text)Mary of Egypt (text)Meharshabor (text)Melania the Elder (text)Melania the Younger (text)MicahMicah of Nuhadra (text)MihrsaporMiles, Aboursam and Sinay (text)Miles, bishop of SusMiles of Tel HeshThe Miracles of Bassus (text)The Miracles of Bassus (text)Monk (text)Monks of Nitria (text)Moses the BlackMoses the Indian (text)Moses the Libyan (text)Naked Elder (text)Naked Elder (text)Narsai, bishop of SharqartNarsai, son of the covenantNarsai, Son of the Covenant (text)Narses, Joseph and Their Companions (text)Nathaniel (text)Nicholas of Myra (text)Olympia (text)Onesima (text)Onesima (text)Onesima (text)Onesimus (text)Or, Isaiah, Paul, and Nophy (text)Or (text)Or (text)Pachomius (text)Pachomius (text)Pachomius - Ascetikon (text)Paesius and Isaiah (text)Pamphilus, Vales, Seleucus, Paulus, Porphyrius, Theophilus, Julianus, and an Egyptian (text)Panbo (text)Paphnutius (text)Paphnutius (text)The Paradise of the Fathers (text)The Paradise of the Fathers (text)The Paradise of the Fathers (text)Paradise of the Fathers (text)PatrophilusPatrophilusPaul, Nilus, Patrimytheas, and Elijah (text)Paul, Valentina, and Ḥatha (text)Paul the Apostle (text)Paul the Hermit (text)Paul the Simple (text)Paul the Simple (text)Pelagia (text)Peroz of Beth LapatPeter (text)Peter Absholomo (text)Peter of Alexandria (text)Peter the Apostle (text)Peter the Apostle (text)PethionPethion, Adorhormizd, Anahid, and Yazdin (text)Philemon (text)Piamon (text)PinhasPinḥas (text)Pior (text)Pirouz (text)Pithyrion (text)Placidus (Eustathius) (text)Polycarp of Smyrna (text)Posi — Posi (text)Posidonios (text)Potamianus (text)Probus, Tarachos, and Andronicus (text)Procopius (text)Ptolemy the Egyptian (text)QardagQardagh (text)Qardagh (text)QazoRabbula (text)Rabbula of EdessaRomulus, Eudoxius, and Friends (text)Saba (text)Saba (text)Saba Goushnazdad (text)Saba GushnazdadSaba PirgushnaspSabas (text)SabbatiusA Saint (text)Salomon (text)The Second Finding of the Cross (text)Serapion (text)Serapion (text)Serapion of ThmuisSerapion Sidonius (text)Sergius and Bacchus (text)Sergius and Bacchus (text)Shahdost of TirhanShahdoust and his Companions (text)ShalitaShalita (text)Shapor, bishop of NiqatorShapor, Isaac, Maʿna, Abraham and Simeon (text)Shapur, Santroq, Hormizdas, and Hadbarshobur (text)SharbelSharbel (text)Shirin and her two childrenShmonaSilvanus and His Companions (text)Simeon bar SabbaʿeSimeon Bar Sabbaʿe (text)Simeon Bar Sabbaʿe (text)Simeon the StyliteSimeon the Stylite (text)Simeon the Stylite (text)Sisinnius (text)Solitary (text)SophiaSophia and her daughters Pistis, Elpis and Agape (text)Sophia and her Daughters Pistis, Elpis and Agape (text)Soultan Mahdok, Adorparwa and Meharnarsa (text)Stephen (text)Stephen (text)Stephen (The Finding of) (text)Stratonike and Seleucus (text)Sultan MahdukSusanTahsia (text)Tamiroun (text)TarboTarbo, Her Sister, and Her Servant (text)Tataq the servantTataq the Servant (text)TheclaThecla and Her Companions (text)Thedosius (text)Theodore (text)Theodote the Courtesan (text)Theon (text)Theopompus, Theonas, and Friends (text)Thomas the Apostle (text)Three Brothers Who Cut Off Their Ears (text)Timothy (text)Two Lay Brothers (text)Two Naked Monks (text)Two Persian Brothers (text)Victorinus, Victor, Nicephorus, Diodore, Serapion, Papias (text)Virgin (saccophori) (text)A Virgin (text)Virgin (text)A Virgin (text)Virgin and Athanasius (text)A Virgin and Collutus (text)Virgin and the Magistrinus (text)Virgin of Caesarea of Palestine and Eustathius the Reader (text)Wandering Monk (text)Yazdanduht of ArbelaYazdinA Young Man of Alexandria (text)ZadoyZaï‘a (text)ZayʿaZebinas, Lazarus, Maroutha, Narses, Elijah, Mahri, Habib, Saba, Berikhicho, Jonah and Chembaiteh (text)Zenophilus
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ʿAbda - ܥܒܕܐ(Qadishe: A Guide to the Syriac Saintssaint, d. 376) Names: ʿAbdāAbda ('Awda), 'Awdisho' de KaskarʿAḇdāAbdaABDA ('AWDA), 'AWDİŜO'ʿAbdā Alaha priest was tortured with ʿAbdishōʿ by Ardashir brother of Sapor ʿAbdā was arrested with seven friends and seven virgins Barḥaḏbshabā and Samuel...URI:
ʿAbda - ܥܒܕܐ(Qadishe: A Guide to the Syriac Saintssaint, d. 420) Names: ʿAbdāʿAḇdāAbdaABDA ('AWDA),Mar AbdaʿAbdā was Bishop of Hormizd Ardashir who was martyred during the reign of Yazdegerd I with Afrēm Jacob Papa another Papa Daduq and Durtan...URI:

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