Index of Persons


Abba - ܐܒܐ Names: Abba""Monastic head of the monastery of John Urtaya""URI:
Abraham I - ܐܒܪܗܡ Names: Abraham I""Monastic head of the monastery of John Urtaya""URI:
Abraham II - ܐܒܪܗܡ Names: Abraham II""Bishop of the Urtaye""URI:
Abraham III - ܐܒܪܗܡ Names: Abraham III""Abraham III, the shepherd""URI:
Abraham IV - ܐܒܪܗܡ Names: Abraham IV""Abraham IV""URI:
Abraham of Amida Names: Abraham of Amida""Bishop of Amida""URI:
Addai of Rhesaina - ܐܕܝ Names: Addai of Rhesaina""Bishop of Rhesaina""URI:
Aeneas - ܐܢܝܐ Names: Aeneas""Aeneas was a presbyter and monk""URI:
Afwrsm - ܐܦܘܪܣܡ Names: Afwrsm""A monk who lived north of Amida""URI:
Anonymi 3715 Names: Anonymi 3715Two monastic sisters""Two monastic sisters who were siblings of Elijah and Theodore""URI:
Anonymi 3716 Names: Anonymi 3716Two monks in the Ennaton""Two monks in the Ennaton who were disciples of Anonymous 3717""URI:
Anonymi 3722 Names: Anonymi 3722Certain members of the Senate""Members of the Senate in Constantinople to whom Severus of Antioch wrote a letter sometime between 508 and 511""URI:
Anonymi 3723 Names: Anonymi 3723The party of Hilarian and Musonius""The party of Hilarian and Musonius""URI:
Anonymi 3725 Names: Anonymi 3725Father of the monastery of John and Theodore""The holy fathers of the monastery of John and Theodore who corresponded with Severus of Antioch during his episcopacy""URI:
Anonymi 3726 Names: Anonymi 3726Certain fathers""Fathers who received a letter from Severus of Antioch""URI:
Anonymi 3727 Names: Anonymi 3727Certain bishops under Severus""The bishops under Severus who were accused by Musonius""URI:
Anonymi 3729 Names: Anonymi 3729Certain female monastics""Female monastics who exchanged letters with Severus of Antioch; his letter is missing an incipit so the names of the addressees are unknown""URI:
Anonymi 3732 Names: Anonymi 3732Certain bishops from Syria""Bishops from Syria resident in Alexandria in 519-20 to whom Severus wrote a letter""URI:
Anonymi 3733 Names: Anonymi 3733Certain clergy of Isauria""The clergy of Isauria who deposed Paul of Olba""URI:
Anonymi 3734 Names: Anonymi 3734Certain clergy of Tarsus""The clergy of Tarsus who brought charges against Julian the presbyter sometime around 515-518.""URI:
Anonymi 3735 Names: Anonymi 3735Certain bishops in Cilicia Prima""The bishops in Cilicia Prima who heard the case against Julian the presbyter""URI:
Anonymi 3736 Names: Anonymi 3736Certain scholastics who heard a case against Julian the presbyter""The scholastics who heard the case against Julian the presbyter""URI:
Anonymi 3737 Names: Anonymi 3737Certain ekklesiekdikoi of Antioch""The ekklesiekdikoi of Antioch under Severus of Antioch who brought charges against Nonnus""URI: