Zechariah Rhetor - ܙܟܪܝܐ ܡܠܝܠܐ (sometime between 450 - 550)

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Greek author and bp.1


  • ܙܟܪܝܐ ܡܠܝܠܐ4
  • ܙܟܰܪܝܳܐ ܡܠܻܝܠܳܐ4
  • زكريا الفصيح3
  • Zacharias Scholasticus1
  • Zacharias Scholasticus1
  • Zacharias bp. of Mytilene1
  • Zacharias Rhetor
  • Zachariah the Rhetor2
  • Zacharias7
  • Zacharias Rhetor1, 10
  • Zacharie le Rhéteur6
  • Zechariah Rhetor

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  • Floruit: late 5th/early 6th cent.1

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Zechariah Rhetor  Has literary connection to place (2) records.
Mayuma (settlement) - ܡܐܝܘܡܐ Names: MaïumaThe port city of Gaza .URI: http://syriaca.org/place/456
Anṣanā (settlement) - ܐܢܨܢܐ Names: AusanaThe seat of a bishop named Theodore whose biography, no longer extant, was ascribed to Zacharias Rhetor .URI: http://syriaca.org/place/1479
Zechariah Rhetor  Born at (1) records.
Gaza (settlement) - ܥܙܐ Names: GazzaA city near the coast of the southeastern Mediterranean Sea .URI: http://syriaca.org/place/87
Zechariah Rhetor  Has relation to place (4) records.
Beirut (settlement) - ܒܝܪܘܬ Names: Berytos"Beirut, Lebanon is mentioned in many Syr. Orth. texts in connection with the St. Jude monastery and church."URI: http://syriaca.org/place/46
Mytilene (island) - ܡܝܕܠܝܢ Names: MityleneLesbosMidyleneThe island of Lesbos in the north Aegean Sea.URI: http://syriaca.org/place/1478
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