Tumaʾis of Nisibis - ܬܘܡܐܝܣ ܢܨܝܒܝܢܝܐ



  • ܬܘܡܐܝܣ ܢܨܝܒܝܢܝܐ
  • Tumaʾis of Nisibis
  • Tumaʾis of Nisibis
  • ܒܪܬ ܩܝܡܐ ܬܘܡܐܝܣ ܢܨܝܒܝܢܝܐ1
  • ܒܰܪܬ ܩܝܳܡܐ ܬܘܡܰܐܝܣ ܢܨܝܒܝܢܝܳܐ1


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  • 1 Ignatius Afram Barsoum, Berule bdire d-ʿal yulpone suryoye hdire, trans. Philoxenos Yuḥanon Dolabani, 2nd ed. (Holland: Bar Hebraeus Verlag, 1991), pp: 216.Link to Syriaca.org web application Bibliographic Record.

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