Sliba of Hah, Rabban - ܪܒܢ ܨܠܝܒܐ ܚܐܚܝܐ (from 1286, not after 1400) This page is an entry in A Guide to Syriac Authors


Rabban Sliba (father of Rabban Joshua) was a monastic author who composed a martyrology in the late thirteenth century or early fourteenth century (some time after the death of Bar ʿEbroyo). One source describes him as being from Ḥaḥ.1


  • ܪܒܢ ܨܠܝܒܐ ܚܐܚܝܐ1
  • Sliba of Hah, Rabban
  • Rabban Saliba
  • Rabban Sliba de Hah1
  • Rabban Ṣalība of Ḥaḥ1
  • Rabban Sliba of Hah

Sex: male1

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Ḥaḥ (settlement) - ܚܐܚ Names: HāḥṬur AbdinṬur ‘AbdinA village in Ṭur ʿAbdin northeast of Midyat .URI:

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