Jesse, priest and doctor - ܐܝܫܝ ܩܫܝܫܐ ܘܡܠܦܢܐ (d. after 570)


Honored as a doctor of the Church of the East, Ishai was a disciple of Aba I and held the position of Interpreter of the school of Selucia-Ctesiphon. He also authored a treatise on the Holy Martyrs .3


  • ܐܝܫܝ ܩܫܝܫܐ ܘܡܠܦܢܐ
  • ܡܪܝ ܐܝܫܝ ܩܫܝܫܐ ܘܡܠܦܢܐ3
  • Ichaï1
  • Išaï, prêtre et docteur3
  • Ishai2
  • Ishaï1
  • Jesse, priest and doctor


  • Church of the East 3

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  • Floruit: mid-6th century3
  • Death: after 5703


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