Catalogue of Syriac manuscripts in the British museum acquired since the year 1838

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William Wright, Catalogue of Syriac Manuscripts in the British Museum acquired since the year 1838, (London: Gilbert and Rivington, 1870-1872).

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Title: Catalogue of Syriac Manuscripts in the British Museum acquired since the year 1838

Author: William Wright

Publisher: Gilbert and Rivington

Place of Publication: London

Date of Publication: 1870-1872

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Subject Headings:

Acts (Peshitta version)Ammonian sections and/or Eusebian canonsAmos (Peshitta version)Antipater of BostraArs medica (version of Sergius)Baruch (Second Epistle of Baruch) (Peshitta version)Bel and the Dragon (Peshitta version)Beth Mawthbe (Sessions)Book of Holy Women (Peshitta version)Book of Illustrious Women (composed of Ruth and Susanna) (Peshitta version)Categories (anonymous version)Categories (version of George, bishop of the Arabs)Catholic Epistles (Peshitta version)2 Chronicles (Peshitta version)1 Chronicles (Peshitta version)Colossians (Peshitta version)Commentary on Aristotle's Prior Analytics ICommentary on Aristotle's Prior Analytics II2 Corinthians (Peshitta version)1 Corinthians (Peshitta version)
1 Corinthians (Peshitta version)Daniel (Peshitta Daniel composed of Daniel and additional Apocryphal works)Daniel (SBL)DenhaDeuteronomy (Peshitta version)Ecclesiastes (Peshitta version)EdessaEphesians (Peshitta version)Epistle of Baruch (Peshitta version)1 Esdras (3 Ezra) (Syro-Hexapla version)Esther (Peshitta version)Exodus (LXX/Septuagint version)Exodus (Peshitta version)Ezekiel (LXX/Septuagint version)Ezekiel (Peshitta version)Ezra (Peshitta version)First Kings (Jacob of Edessa's recension)First Samuel (Jacob of Edessa's recension)Fragments of Ps.-Olympiodorus' commentary on Aristotle's CategoriesGalatians (Peshitta version)Genesis (Aquila)Genesis (Hexapla)Genesis (LXX/Septuagint version)Genesis (Peshitta version)Genesis (Symmachus)Genesis (Theodotion)Gospel Harmony (literary tradition)Gregory of CaesareaHabakkuk (Peshitta version)Haggai (Peshitta version)Hebrews (Peshitta version)Hosea (LXX/Septuagint version)Hosea (Peshitta version)On Interpretation (version of George, bishop of the Arabs)Isaiah (Jacob of Edessa's recension)Isaiah (LXX/Septuagint version)Isaiah (Peshitta version)James (Harklensian version)James (Peshitta version)"Jeremiah (Peshitta Jeremiah composed of Jeremiah, Prayer of Jeremiah, and Lamentations) "Jeremiah (SBL)Job (Peshitta version)Joel (Peshitta version)2 John3 John1 John (Harklensian version)John (Harqlean version)John (Old Syriac version)John (Peshitta version)1 John (Peshitta version)John, Arabic (literary tradition)Joshua (Aquila)Joshua (Hexapla)Joshua (LXX/Septuagint version)Joshua (Peshitta version)Joshua (Symmachus)Joshua (Theodotion)JudeJudges (LXX/Septuagint version)Judges (Peshitta version)Judith (Peshitta version)1 Kings (3rd) (LXX/Septuagint version)1 Kings (Aquila)1 Kings (Hebrew)1 Kings (Peshitta version)2 Kings (Peshitta version)1 Kings (Symmachus)1 Kings (Theodotion)Lamentations (Peshitta version)Leviticus (Peshitta version)Luke (Harqlean version)Luke (Old Syriac version)Luke (Peshitta version)Luke (Unidentified Latin version)Luke and John (Peshitta version)Luke, Arabic (literary tradition)2 Maccabees (Peshitta version)3 Maccabees (Peshitta version)1 Maccabees (Peshitta version)4 Maccabees (Peshitta version)Malachi (Peshitta version)Mark (Harqlean version)Mark (Old Syriac version)Mark (Peshitta version)Mark, Arabic (literary tradition)Matthew (Harqlean version)Matthew (Old Syriac version)Matthew (Peshitta version)Matthew and John (Peshitta version)Matthew and John, Arabic (literary tradition)Matthew and Mark (Peshitta version)Matthew and Mark, Arabic (literary tradition)Matthew, Arabic (literary tradition)Nahum (Peshitta version)Nehemiah (Peshitta version)New Testament (Peshitta version)Numbers (Aquila)Numbers (Hebrew)Numbers (LXX/Septuagint version)Numbers (Peshitta version)Numbers (Samaritan codex)Numbers (Symmachus)Numbers (Theodotion)Obadiah (Peshitta version)Pantaleon of the Byzantine monasteryPasicratesPaul, disciple of Aaron of SerughPauline Epistles (Peshitta version)Pentateuch (Peshitta version)2 Peter2 Peter (Harklensian version)1 Peter (Peshitta version)Philemon (Peshitta version)Philippians (Peshitta version)Prayer of Habakkuk (Peshitta version)Prayer of Jeremiah (Peshitta version)Preface to Aristotle's Prior Analytics IIPrior Analytics (version of George, bishop of the Arabs)Prolegomena to Aristotelian PhilosophyProoemion to Aristotle's Prior Analytics"Protoevangelium of James (""the Greek text"")"Proverbs (Peshitta version)Psalm 151 (LXX/Septuagint version)Psalm 151 (Peshitta version)Psalms (Aquila)Psalms (LXX/Septuagint version)Psalms (Quinta)Psalms (Sexta)Psalms (Symmachus)Psalms (Theodotion)Romans (Peshitta version)Ruth (LXX/Septuagint version)Ruth (Peshitta version)1 Samuel (Peshitta version)2 Samuel (Peshitta version)Second Samuel (Jacob of Edessa's recension)Second Samuel including First Kings (Jacob of Edessa's recension)Sirach/Ecclesiasticus (Peshitta version)Song of Songs (Peshitta version)Song of the Three Holy Children (Peshitta version)Susanna (Peshitta version)The Apostolic EpistlesThe Book of Women (Peshitta)The Four Gospels (Harqlean version)The Four Gospels (Old Syriac version)The Four Gospels (Peshitta version)The Four Gospels, Arabic (literary tradition)The Four Gospels, Syriac Peshitta Version with Parallel Arabic Garshuni Translation and an Index of LessonsThe Old Testament (Peshitta version)The Synoptic Gospels (Peshitta version)The Three Books of the Maccabees (Peshitta version)The Twelve Minor Prophets (Peshitta version)The Two Epistles of Baruch (Peshitta version)"The books of Judges and Ruth, translated from the Septuagint version by Paul of Tell��"The first two books of the Maccabees (Peshitta)The history of BelThe history of the DragonThe remaining Apostolic EpistlesThe two books of Chronicles (Peshitta version)The two books of Kings (Peshitta version)The two books of Samuel (Jacob of Edessa's recension)The two books of Samuel (Peshitta version)Thecla (Peshitta)1 Thessalonians (Peshitta version)2 Thessalonians (Peshitta version)2 Timothy (Peshitta version)1 Timothy (Peshitta version)Titus (Peshitta version)Tobit (LXX/Septuagint version)Tobit (Mixed version)Wisdom of Solomon (Peshitta version)Zechariah (Peshitta version)Zephaniah (Peshitta version)On the Universe (De mundo)
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