Le “Passionnaire d’Adiabène”


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P. Peeters, "Le “Passionnaire d’Adiabène”." Analecta Bollandiana, vol. 43 (1925): 261-304.

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Title: Le “Passionnaire d’Adiabène”

Author: P. Peeters

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Title: Analecta Bollandiana

Zotero: 1

Date of Publication: 1925

Volume: 43

Pages: 261-304

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Subject Headings:

Abraham, Bishop of Arbela (text)Acepsimas, Joseph and Ithallaha (text)Aitalaha and Ḥapsay (text)Ananias of Arbela (text)Azad and his Companions (text)Barhadbeshabba (text)Jacob and Azad (text)James and Mary (text)John the Bishop and the Priest Jacob (text)Narses, Joseph and Their Companions (text)Qardagh (text)Qardagh (text)Sharbel (text)Sharbel (text)Sharbel (text)The Martyrs of Karka d-Beth Slokh (text)The Martyrs of Khouzistan (text)Thecla and Her Companions (text)

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