The Edessan Martyrs and Ascetic Tradition

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S.A. Harvey, "The Edessan Martyrs and Ascetic Tradition." In V Symposium Syriacum, R. Lavenant, ed., pp 195-206, Orientalia christiana analecta, vol. 236 (Rome, 1990).

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Title: The Edessan Martyrs and Ascetic Tradition

Author: S.A. Harvey

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Title: V Symposium Syriacum

Editor: R. Lavenant

Place of Publication: Rome

Date of Publication: 1990

Pages: 195-206


Title: Orientalia christiana analecta

Zotero: 99

Volume: 236


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Addai (Teaching of) (text)Barsamya (text)GouryaGuria and Shmona (text)Guria and Shmona (text)Habib (text)Sharbel (text)Sharbel (text)The Edessan Martyrs and Ascetic TraditionḤabib (text)

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Gourya - ܓܘܪܝܐ (Qadishe: A Guide to the Syriac Saintssaint) Names: GuryoGuriaGūryāGūryāGouriaGouriaGŪRĪA Shmona and Gourya were two martyrs who were killed in Edessa during the Diocletian persecution. There was great devotion to these saints in Edessa.URI:

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