Chronica Minora

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Ignatius Guidi, ed., Chronica Minora, Corpus Scriptorum Christianorum Orientalium, vol. 1-2; .

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Title: Chronica Minora

Editor: Ignatius Guidi

Publisher: E Typographeo Reipublicae

Place of Publication: Paris

Date of Publication: 1903


Title: Corpus Scriptorum Christianorum Orientalium

Volume: 1-2


Title: Scriptores Syri

Tome: 1-2

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Subject Headings:

Abgar VIAbgar VIIIAbrahamAddaiAnastasios IAnatoliosAndreosAnonmyous 2234The sister of EphremAnonymi 2208The people of Edessa who fled the persecution of the Arians in 373Anonymi 2209The orthodox who returned to the city of Edessa in December 377 after being persecuted by the AriansAnonymi 2210Workers in the government of Edessa in November 201Anonymi 2211The Arians who persecuted people in the church of Edessa in 373Anonymi 2212Those attending the Council of Constantinople in 381Anonymi 2216The craftsmen of the land around Edessa in May 498Anonymi 2217Anonymi 2218Two synkelli who survived the earthquake in Nicopolis in 498/9Anonymi 2219Those struck by fire in 511/2 because they wanted to remove the book placed in the coffin of Euphemia the Martyr by the Council of ChalcedonAnonymi 2220The wise men of Edessa in November 201Anonymi 2221The monks of the east in December 522Anonymi 2222
Anonymi 2222Anonymi 2223The Parthians conquered by Lucius Verus in 165/6Anonymi 2224The Huns who entered Roman territory in July 395Anonymi 2225Participants in the School of the Persians who were removed from Edessa in 488/9Anonymi 2226The Roman army commanded by Demosthenes in July 531Anonymi 2227The Huns who entered Roman territory on 18 December 531Anonymi 2228The two thousand people killed by flooding in Edessa in November A. D. 201Anonymi 2229The craftsmen of Edessa in November 201Anonymi 2230The measurers and men of skill of Edessa in November 201Anonymi 2231Those who live in the portico in Edessa in November 201Anonymi 2232The islanders of Edessa in November 201Anonymi 2233The nobles of Abgar VIII in November 201Anonymi 2314The Bishops assembled at the Second Council of Ephesus in 429Anonymous 2235The bishop of Nicopolis who survived the earthquake in 498/9ArcadiusAsclepiusAugustusBardinBarlahaBarsaBulidCommodusCononConstantius IICyrus ICyrus II of EdessaDaniel of HarranDemetDemosthenesDiocletianDiogenesDioscorusDioscorus IDomnus of AntiochEdessaEphrem of AmidaEuphemiosEuphrasiosEusebius of DorylaeumFlavianHonoriosJesus the MessiahJulianJustin IJustinian IKavadKhusrau I AnushirwanLeoLeo ILeontiosLucius VerusMacedonios IIMar Thomas the ApostleMausoleum of Abgar VIMaʿnuNew palace of Abgar VIIINonaPaqidaPatriciusPawlaPeterQayuma bar MagartatRufinusSenatorSeverus AlexanderShaʿadSilwanaSophronios of TellaTheodosius IValensValentinian IVitalianVologeshYahab bar ShemeshZeno
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