The Odes of Solomon: The Syriac Texts

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James H. Charlesworth, ed., The Odes of Solomon: The Syriac Texts, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1973).

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Title: The Odes of Solomon: The Syriac Texts

Editor: James H. Charlesworth

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Place of Publication: Oxford

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Date of Publication: 1973

Status: uncorrected-draft
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Ode 10Ode 11Ode 12Ode 13Ode 14Ode 15Ode 16Ode 17Ode 18Ode 19Ode 20Ode 21Ode 22Ode 23Ode 24Ode 25Ode 26Ode 27Ode 28Ode 29
Ode 29Ode 3Ode 30Ode 31Ode 32Ode 33Ode 34Ode 35Ode 36Ode 37Ode 38Ode 39Ode 4Ode 40Ode 41Ode 42Ode 5Ode 6Ode 7Ode 8Ode 9
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