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[Peshitta Institute Leiden], Electronic Peshitta Text, (Leidenn.d.).

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Title: Electronic Peshitta Text

Author: [Peshitta Institute Leiden]

URI: http://syriaca.org/bibl/2438Link to Syriaca.org Bibliographic Record.

Zotero: 992

URI: http://zotero.org/groups/392292/items/55T5HA58Link to Zotero Bibliographic Record

Place of Publication: Leiden

Status: uncorrected-draft
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Subject Headings:

Additions to Daniel (Peshitta version)Amos (Peshitta version)Apocryphal Psalms (151-155)2 Baruch (Apocalypse of Baruch) (Peshitta version)Baruch (Second Epistle of Baruch) (Peshitta version)Bel and the Dragon (Peshitta version)Canticles (Peshitta version)2 Chronicles (Peshitta version)1 Chronicles (Peshitta version)Daniel (Peshitta Daniel composed of Daniel and additional Apocryphal works)Daniel (SBL)Deuteronomy (Peshitta version)Ecclesiastes (Peshitta version)Epistle of Baruch (Peshitta version)Epistle of Jeremiah (Peshitta version)1 Esdras (3 Ezra) (Syro-Hexapla version)2 Esdras (4 Ezra) (Peshitta version)Esther (Peshitta version)Exodus (Peshitta version)Ezekiel (Peshitta version)
Ezekiel (Peshitta version)Ezra (Peshitta version)Genesis (Peshitta version)Habakkuk (Peshitta version)Haggai (Peshitta version)Hosea (Peshitta version)Isaiah (Peshitta version)Jeremiah (SBL)Job (Peshitta version)Joel (Peshitta version)Jonah (Peshitta version)Joshua (Peshitta version)Judges (Peshitta version)Judith (Peshitta version)1 Kings (Peshitta version)2 Kings (Peshitta version)Lamentations (Peshitta version)Leviticus (Peshitta version)2 Maccabees (Peshitta version)3 Maccabees (Peshitta version)1 Maccabees (Peshitta version)4 Maccabees (Peshitta version)Malachi (Peshitta version)Micah (Peshitta version)Nahum (Peshitta version)Nehemiah (Peshitta version)Numbers (Peshitta version)Obadiah (Peshitta version)Pentateuch (Peshitta version)Prayer of Azariah (Peshitta version)Prayer of Habakkuk (Peshitta version)Prayer of Jeremiah (Peshitta version)Prayer of Manasseh (Peshitta Version 1)Prayer of Manasseh (Peshitta Version 2)Proverbs (Peshitta version)Psalm 151 (Peshitta version)Psalms (Peshitta version)Psalms 152-155 (Peshitta version)Psalms of SolomonRuth (Peshitta version)1 Samuel (Peshitta version)2 Samuel (Peshitta version)Sirach/Ecclesiasticus (Peshitta version)Song of Songs (Peshitta version)Song of the Three Holy Children (Peshitta version)Susanna (Peshitta version)The Old Testament (Peshitta version)The Twelve Minor Prophets (Peshitta version)The Two Epistles of Baruch (Peshitta version)The history of BelThe history of the DragonThe two books of Chronicles (Peshitta version)The two books of Kings (Peshitta version)The two books of Samuel (Peshitta version)Tobit (LXX/Septuagint version)Tobit (Mixed version)Wisdom of Solomon (Peshitta version)Zechariah (Peshitta version)Zephaniah (Peshitta version)
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