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James E. Walters, Kristian S. Heal, David G. K. Taylor, Aaron Butts, George A. Kiraz, David A. Michelson, and Daniel L. Schwartz, eds., Digital Syriac Corpus, (n.d.).

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Title: Digital Syriac Corpus

Editor: James E. Walters

Editor: Kristian S. Heal

Editor: David G. K. Taylor

Editor: Aaron Butts

Editor: George A. Kiraz

Editor: David A. Michelson

Editor: Daniel L. Schwartz

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On Aaron the PriestAn Account of the Decease of Saint John, Apostle and EvangelistActs of Judas ThomasAn AdmonitionAgainst the JewsApocryphal Acts of the ApostlesOn BaptismBook of StepsBook of Steps PrefaceBook of the Laws of the CountriesChronicle of EdessaColossians (Peshitta version)Commentaries on the Old TestamentCommentary on Ben Sira2 Corinthians (Peshitta version)1 Corinthians (Peshitta version)On Creation IOn Creation IIOn Creation IIIOn Creation V
On Creation VOn Creation VIOn Creation of Adam and EveOn David and SaulDemonstration 10: On PastorsDemonstration 11: On CircumcisionDemonstration 12: On PassoverDemonstration 13: On the SabbathDemonstration 14: On ExhortationDemonstration 15: On the Distinction between FoodsDemonstration 16: On the Peoples in Place of the PeopleDemonstration 17: On the Messiah, who is the Son of GodDemonstration 18: Against the Jews, On Virginity and HolinessDemonstration 19: Against the Jews, because they say that they will be gathered togetherDemonstration 1: On FaithDemonstration 20: On Care for the PoorDemonstration 21: On PersecutionDemonstration 22: On Death and the Last TimesDemonstration 23: On the GrapeclusterDemonstration 2: On LoveDemonstration 3: On FastingDemonstration 4: On PrayerDemonstration 5: On WarsDemonstration 6: On the Bnay QyamaDemonstration 7: On PenitentsDemonstration 8: On the Resurrection of the DeadDemonstration 9: On HumilityDemonstrationsDialogue on the SoulDiscourse 10: On the Lust of the BellyDiscourse 11: On AbstinenceDiscourse 12: On FornicationDiscourse 13: On FornicationDiscourse 1: PrologueDiscourse 2: On FaithDiscourse 3: On FaithDiscourse 4: On Faith and SimplicityDiscourse 5: On SimplicityDiscourse 6: On the Fear of GodDiscourse 7: On the Fear of GodDiscourse 8: On PovertyDiscourse 9: On PovertyDiscourses of PhiloxenosEcclesiastical HistoryOn Enoch and ElijahEphesians (Peshitta version)On EpiphanyFor Any Saints DayGalatians (Peshitta version)On Godly VirginityHebrews (Peshitta version)History of John, the Son of ZebedeeHistory of Mar Matthew and Mar Andrew, Blessed ApostlesHistory of Philip, the Apostle and EvangelistHistory of Thecla, Disciple of Paul the ApostleOn Holy BaptismOn Holy WeekHomilies of NarsaiHomily 10Homily 11Homily 12Homily 13Homily 14On Human NatureOn HumilityHymn 1 on NisibisHymn 10 on NisibisHymn 11 on NisibisHymn 12 on NisibisHymn 13 on NisibisHymn 14 on NisibisHymn 15 on NisibisHymn 16 on NisibisHymn 17 on NisibisHymn 18 on NisibisHymn 19 on NisibisHymn 2 on NisibisHymn 20 on NisibisHymn 21 on NisibisHymn 25 on NisibisHymn 26 on NisibisHymn 27 on NisibisHymn 28 on NisibisHymn 29 on NisibisHymn 3 on NisibisHymn 30 on NisibisHymn 31 on NisibisHymn 32 on NisibisHymn 33 on NisibisHymn 34 on NisibisHymn 35 on NisibisHymn 36 on NisibisHymn 37 on NisibisHymn 38 on NisibisHymn 39 on NisibisHymn 4 on NisibisHymn 40 on NisibisHymn 41 on NisibisHymn 42 on NisibisHymn 43 on NisibisHymn 44 on NisibisHymn 45 on NisibisHymn 46 on NisibisHymn 47 on NisibisHymn 48 on NisibisHymn 49 on NisibisHymn 5 on NisibisHymn 50 on NisibisHymn 51 on NisibisHymn 52 on NisibisHymn 53 on NisibisHymn 54 on NisibisHymn 55 on NisibisHymn 56 on NisibisHymn 57 on NisibisHymn 58 on NisibisHymn 59 on NisibisHymn 6 on NisibisHymn 60 on NisibisHymn 61 on NisibisHymn 62 on NisibisHymn 63 on NisibisHymn 64 on NisibisHymn 65 on NisibisHymn 66 on NisibisHymn 67 on NisibisHymn 68 on NisibisHymn 69 on NisibisHymn 7 on NisibisHymn 70 on NisibisHymn 71 on NisibisHymn 72 on NisibisHymn 73 on NisibisHymn 74 on NisibisHymn 75 on NisibisHymn 76 on NisibisHymn 77 on NisibisHymn 9 on NisibisHymn of the SoulHymns on NisibisOn Isaiah's VisionOn JobJohn (Peshitta version)On John 1:14On John the BaptistOn JonahOn JosephOn Joseph (Memra 1)On Joseph (Memra 10)On Joseph (Memra 2)On Joseph (Memra 3)On Joseph (Memra 4)On Joseph (Memra 5)On Joseph (Memra 6)On Joseph (Memra 7)On Joseph (Memra 8)On Joseph (Memra 9)LIteral Commentary on NumbersOn Lent IOn Lent IIIOn Lent IVOn Lent VLiteral Commentary on AmosLiteral Commentary on DanielLiteral Commentary on DeuteronomyLiteral Commentary on EcclesiastesLiteral Commentary on ExodusLiteral Commentary on EzekielLiteral Commentary on GenesisLiteral Commentary on HaggaiLiteral Commentary on HoseaLiteral Commentary on IsaiahLiteral Commentary on JobLiteral Commentary on JoelLiteral Commentary on JonahLiteral Commentary on JoshuaLiteral Commentary on JudgesLiteral Commentary on KingsLiteral Commentary on LeviticusLiteral Commentary on MalachiLiteral Commentary on MicahLiteral Commentary on NahumLiteral Commentary on ObadiahLiteral Commentary on ProverbsLiteral Commentary on SamuelLiteral Commentary on ZechariahLiteral Commentary on ZephaniahLiteral Commentary on the PsalmsLiteral Commentary on the Song of SongsLiteral and Spiritual Commentary on JeremiahLitral Commentary on HabakkukLuke (Peshitta version)Mark (Peshitta version)Matthew (Peshitta version)Memra 1Memra 10Memra 11Memra 12: On the Hidden and Public Ministry of the ChurchMemra 13: By the Same Author on the Ways of the UprightMemra 14: On the Upright and the PerfectMemra 15: On Adam's Marital DesireMemra 16: On How a Person May Surpass the Major CommandmentsMemra 17: On the Sufferings of Our Lord Who Became Through Them an Example for UsMemra 18: On the Tears of PrayerMemra 19: On the Discernment of the Way of PerfectionMemra 20: On the Difficult Steps that are on the Road of the City of Our LordMemra 21: On the Tree of AdamMemra 22: On the Judgments That Do Not Save Those Who Observe ThemMemra 23: On Satan and Pharoah and the IsraelitesMemra 24: On RepentanceMemra 25: On the Voice of God and of SatanMemra 26: On the Second Law That the Lord Established From AdamMemra 27: About the History of the Thief Who is SavedMemra 28: On the Fact That the Human Soul is Not Identical With the BloodMemra 29: On the Discipline of the BodyMemra 2: About Those Who Want to Become PerfectMemra 30: On the Commandments of Faith and the Love of the SolitariesMemra 3: The Physical And the Spiritual MinistryMemra 4: On the Vegetables for the SickMemra 5: On the Milk of the ChildrenMemra 6: On Those Who Are Made Perfect and Continue to GrowMemra 7: On the Commandments of the UprightMemra 8: On One Who Gives All He Has to Feed the PoorMemra 9: On Uprightness and the Love of the Upright and the ProphetsMemre of Jacob of SerughMemre on JosephOn Mysteries and BaptismOde 10Ode 11Ode 12Ode 13Ode 14Ode 15Ode 16Ode 17Ode 18Ode 19Ode 20Ode 21Ode 22Ode 23Ode 24Ode 25Ode 26Ode 27Ode 28Ode 29Ode 3Ode 30Ode 31Ode 32Ode 33Ode 34Ode 35Ode 36Ode 37Ode 38Ode 39Ode 4Ode 40Ode 41Ode 42Ode 5Ode 6Ode 7Ode 8Ode 9Odes of SolomonOn Our Lord's Question and on the Revelation That Simon Received from the FatherOn Palm SundayOn Palm SundayOn Palm SundayOn PentecostOn Peter and PaulPhilemon (Peshitta version)Philippians (Peshitta version)Prefatory LetterRecognition 1Recognition 2Recognition 3Recognition 4On Repentance and an AdmonitionOn ReproofOn ReproofOn ReproofOn Reproof of the ClergyRomans (Peshitta version)On SamsonOn Simon Peter When Our Lord Said to him, “Get Thee Behind Me Satan”On SolomonOn StephenOn SupplicationOn That Star Which the Magi SawThe Four Gospels (Peshitta version)The Pseudo-Clementine Recognitions and Homilies1 Thessalonians (Peshitta version)2 Thessalonians (Peshitta version)2 Timothy (Peshitta version)1 Timothy (Peshitta version)Titus (Peshitta version)On WorksOn Zacchaeus the PublicanOn that Young Man who Said to Our Lord, “What Should I Do to Inherit Eternal Life”On the AntichristOn the AscensionOn the Baptism of our Savior in the JordanOn the Baptism of the Law and on the Baptism of John and on the Baptism That Our Lord Gave to the ApostlesOn the Birth of Our LordOn the Blessing of NoahOn the Brazen Serpent that Moses Set up in the WildernessOn the Bronze SerpentOn the Canaanite WomanOn the Canaanite WomanOn the Church and the PriesthoodOn the ConfessorsOn the Consecration of the Church and on Moses the ProphetOn the Dedication of the ChurchOn the Denial of PeterOn the Departed and the ResurrectionOn the Descent of the Highest upon Mount SinaiOn the Divine Revelations to AbrahamOn the Divine Revelations to the Patriarchs and the ProphetsOn the Finding of the Holy CrossOn the FloodOn the Four EvangelistsOn the Incarnation of ChristOn the Iniquity of the WorldOn the Lenten Fast IOn the Lenten Fast IIOn the Lenten Fast IIIOn the Love of God and On Perfect ReconciliationOn the MartyrsOn the MartyrsOn the Memorial of the Departed and on the Eucharistic BreadOn the Miracles of MosesOn the MysteriesOn the New CreationOn the Parable That Our Lord Spoke about the Laborers Whom the Lord of the Vineyard HiredOn the Parable of the Ten VirginsOn the PassionOn the Pharisee and the Publican Who Went up to the Temple to PrayOn the Power of RepentanceOn the Prayer That Our Lord Taught to his Disciples: "Our Father Which Art in Heaven"On the Prodigal SonOn the Prodigal SonOn the Raising of LazarusOn the Repentant ThiefOn the Reproof of WomenOn the ResurrectionOn the Revelations to AbrahamOn the Rich Man and LazarusOn the Rich Man and LazarusOn the Second ComingOn the SolitariesOn the SoulOn the TabernacleOn the Temptation of ChristOn the Temptation of ChristOn the Three ChildrenOn the Three DoctorsOn the Tower of BabelOn the Virgin MaryOn the Wheat and the TaresOn the Workers in the Vineyard
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