Encore 'Abdulmasih de Singar


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Jean-Maurice Fiey, "Encore 'Abdulmasih de Singar." Le Muséon, vol. 77 (1964): 205-223.

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Title: Encore 'Abdulmasih de Singar

Author: Jean-Maurice Fiey

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Title: Le Muséon

Date of Publication: 1964

Volume: 77

Pages: 205-223

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ʿAbdelmasih - ܥܒܕܐܠܡܣܝܚ(Qadishe: A Guide to the Syriac Saintssaint, d. 390) Names: ʿAbdelmasiḥAbd al-MasihʾAbdelmasīḥAbdalmasihABD AL-MASİḤ ('ABDA, CHRISTODULE)ʿAbdelmasiḥ was a Jewish shepherd boy formally known as Aser who lived near Sinjar in the Persian Empire He converted to Christianity and pierced...URI: http://syriaca.org/person/1102

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