Le dossier hagiographique de S. Jacques l’Intercis


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Paul Devos, "Le dossier hagiographique de S. Jacques l’Intercis." Analecta Bollandiana, vol. 71vol. 72 (1953-1954): 157-210: 213-256.

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Title: Le dossier hagiographique de S. Jacques l’Intercis

Author: Paul Devos

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Title: Analecta Bollandiana

Date of Publication: 1953-1954

Volume: 71

Pages: 157-210

Volume: 72

Pages: 213-256

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Jacob the Cut-UpJacob the Cut-Up (text)

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Jacob the Cut-Up - ܝܥܩܘܒ ܡܦܣܩܐ(Qadishe: A Guide to the Syriac Saintssaint, 399-421 ) Names: Yaʿqōb MpasqāYaʾqōḇ MpasqāJacques l’IntercisJACQUES L'INTERCISSt Jacob the Cut-UpJacob the cut up was a noble Persian from the Royal City of Beth Lapaṭ He became a Christian but he later abjured his...URI: http://syriaca.org/person/1296

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