Narsai doctoris Syri homiliæ et carmina

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Alphonse Mingana, ed., Narsai doctoris Syri homiliæ et carmina, (Mausilii: Typis Fratrum Prædicatorum, 1905).

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Title: Narsai doctoris Syri homiliæ et carmina

Editor: Alphonse Mingana

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Place of Publication: Mausilii

Publisher: Typis Fratrum Prædicatorum

Date of Publication: 1905

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Subject Headings:

Against the JewsOn BaptismOn Creation IOn Creation IIOn Creation IIIOn Creation VOn Creation VIOn Creation of Adam and EveDrosis (text)On Holy WeekOn Human NatureOn Isaiah's VisionOn JobOn JonahJonah (text)On JosephJoseph (text)On Lent IOn Lent IIIOn Lent IV
On Lent IVOn Lent VA Martyr (text)On Mysteries and BaptismOn PentecostOn Peter and PaulPeter and Paul (text)Peter, the Apostle (text)On ReproofOn ReproofOn ReproofOn Reproof of the ClergySampson (text)On SamsonOn StephenSteven (text)On SupplicationThe Cross (text)The Martyrs (text)The Martyrs (text)The Thief (text)On the Church and the PriesthoodOn the ConfessorsOn the Dedication of the ChurchOn the Divine Revelations to AbrahamOn the Divine Revelations to the Patriarchs and the ProphetsOn the Finding of the Holy CrossOn the Iniquity of the WorldOn the MartyrsOn the Miracles of MosesOn the MysteriesOn the New CreationOn the Parable of the Ten VirginsOn the Repentant ThiefOn the Reproof of WomenOn the Revelations to AbrahamOn the Rich Man and LazarusOn the Second ComingOn the SoulOn the Three Children
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