Homiliae selectae Mar-Jacobi Sarugensis


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Paul Bedjan, ed., Homiliae selectae Mar-Jacobi Sarugensis vol. 1 , (Paris: Harrassowitz, 1905).

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Title: Homiliae selectae Mar-Jacobi Sarugensis

Editor: Paul Bedjan

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Zotero: 214

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CallNumber: AER-6471

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Place of Publication: Paris

Publisher: Harrassowitz

Date of Publication: 1905

Volume: 1

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Subject Headings:

Aaron (text)On Aaron the PriestAn AdmonitionOn Godly VirginityOn Holy BaptismMagi and Holy Innocents (text)On Our Lord's Question and on the Revelation That Simon Received from the FatherOn Palm SundayPeter the Apostle (text)Peter the Apostle (text)Peter the Apostle (text)On Repentance and an AdmonitionOn Simon Peter When Our Lord Said to him, “Get Thee Behind Me Satan”On That Star Which the Magi SawOn Zacchaeus the PublicanOn that Young Man who Said to Our Lord, “What Should I Do to Inherit Eternal Life”On the Baptism of our Savior in the JordanOn the Baptism of the Law and on the Baptism of John and on the Baptism That Our Lord Gave to the ApostlesOn the Brazen Serpent that Moses Set up in the WildernessOn the Canaanite Woman
On the Canaanite WomanOn the Consecration of the Church and on Moses the ProphetOn the Denial of PeterOn the Descent of the Highest upon Mount SinaiOn the Lenten Fast IOn the Lenten Fast IIOn the Lenten Fast IIIOn the Love of God and On Perfect ReconciliationOn the Memorial of the Departed and on the Eucharistic BreadOn the Parable That Our Lord Spoke about the Laborers Whom the Lord of the Vineyard HiredOn the Pharisee and the Publican Who Went up to the Temple to PrayOn the Power of RepentanceOn the Prayer That Our Lord Taught to his Disciples: "Our Father Which Art in Heaven"On the Prodigal SonOn the Rich Man and Lazarus
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