The Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium

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Alexander P. Kazhdan, ed., The Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005).

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Title: The Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium

Editor: Alexander P. Kazhdan

URI: to Bibliographic Record.

ISBN: 9780195187922

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Place of Publication: Oxford

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Date of Publication: 2005

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AgathangelosAmphilochios of IkonionAnastasios of SinaiCyril of ScythopolisSerapion of Thmuis

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Amphilochios of Ikonion - ܐܡܦܝܠܝܟܝܘܣ ܕ ܐܝܩܘܢܝܘܢ Names: Amphilochius of Iconium Amphilochios of Ikonion Amphiloque d’ Iconium Amphilochios᾽ΑμφιλóχιοςAmphiloque d’IconiumURI:
Cyril of Scythopolis - [Syriac Not Available] Names: Cyril of Skythopolis Cyrille de Scythopolis URI:
Serapion of Thmuis — - ܣܪܦܝܘܢ Names: Father Serapion leader of the disciples of Mar Anthony Serapion bishop of Thmuis in Lower EgyptSérapion de ThmouisΣαραπίωνURI:

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