Lives of the Eastern Saints I

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Jean de Ephèse, "Lives of the Eastern Saints I." Patrologia Orientalis, vol. 17.1 (1923).

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Title: Lives of the Eastern Saints I

Author: Jean de Ephèse

Editor: E. W Brooks

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Title: Patrologia Orientalis

Date of Publication: 1923

Volume: 17.1

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Subject Headings:

Abi (text)Abraham and Maron (text)Abraham the Recluse (text)AddaiAddai and Abraham (text)Addai the Chorepiscopus (text)Addai the ChorepiscosAmidaAnonymi 3601Anonymi 3602Anonymi 3604Anonymi 3607Anonymi 3608Anonymi 3609Anonymi 3610Anonymi 3611Anonymi 3612Anonymi 3613Anonymi 3614Anonymi 3618
Anonymi 3618Anonymi 3619Anonymi 3620Anonymi 3622Anonymi 3631Anonymi 3633Anonymi 3636Anonymi 3640Anonymi 3641Anonymi 3642Anonymi 3643Anonymi 3644Anonymi 3646Anonymi 3648Anonymi 3657Anonymi 3699Anonymi 3700Anonymi 3701Anonymous 3603Anonymous 3605Anonymous 3606Anonymous 3615Anonymous 3616Anonymous 3617Anonymous 3621Anonymous 3623Anonymous 3624Anonymous 3625Anonymous 3626Anonymous 3627Anonymous 3628Anonymous 3629Anonymous 3630Anonymous 3632Anonymous 3634Anonymous 3635Anonymous 3637Anonymous 3638Anonymous 3639Anonymous 3645Anonymous 3647Anonymous 3678Anonymous 3679Anonymous 3680Anonymous 3686Anonymous 3687Anonymous 3688Anonymous 3689Anonymous 3698Anonymous 3702ArmeniaArsamosataʾBdhyrBeth ArshamBeth Musika Beth Musika — Beth ShurlaܿBeth UrtayeCell of Simeon the SolitaryClaudiasDercusFathers (text)GolgothaHulaInner KarheJames of the Monastery of the EdessenesJohn of TellaJohn the Nazarite (text)KaleshKyra MariaLibyaLives of the Eastern SaintsMar MamaMar MenasMara of Beth Ourtaye (text)Mary and Euphemia (text)MendisMendisA Monastery built by Addai and Abraham Monastery of AmidaMonastery of QlupyataA Monk (text)A Monk who Left the Monastery (text)MʿrbnʾPardaisaPaul the Mourner (text)A Poor One (text)PyṭrQlupyataSatan Sergius of TellaSimeon and Sergius (text)Simeon the Mountaineer (text)Simeon the Solitary (text)Simeon the bishop (text)SycaeSynagogue in KaleshThe hot spring of AbarneThomas the Armenian (text)Thomas, Stephen, and Zota (text)ʿTryzTwo Monks (text)Villa near SycaeZachariah (text)Zeʿora (text)ZiyatA mountainous area three miles from the village of HulaḤabib (text)Ḥarphat (text)ḤzynṢurtaṬyšf
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Addai - ܐܕܝ(Qadishe: A Guide to the Syriac Saintssaint) Names: AdayʾAddayAddaïADDAÏAday was commemorated by John of Ephesus in his Lives of the Eastern Saints. He built twelve monasteries with his brother Abraham .URI:

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