Littérature canonique syriaque inédite

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François Nau, "Littérature canonique syriaque inédite." Revue de l'Orient chrétien, vol. 14 (1909): 1-30.

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Title: Littérature canonique syriaque inédite

Author: François Nau

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Title: Revue de l'Orient chrétien

Date of Publication: 1909

Volume: 14

Pages: 1-30

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John of Tella

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John of Tella - ܝܘܚܢܢ ܕܬܠܐ (Qadishe: A Guide to the Syriac SaintssaintA Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor, 482 - 538) Names: Yuḥanon of Tella John of Tella Yuḥanon bar QursosYuḥanānJohnYōḥanānJean de TellaJEAN, ÉVÊQUE DE TELLAJohn bar Kursos of TellaIoannes (Johannan) Bar Kursos ep. Tellae"Bp. of Tella (d-Mawzlat) 519–21."URI:

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