Index of Persons


    Wafathe Aramaean - ܘܦܐ ܐܪܡܝܐ (A Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor) Names: Wafathe AramaeanWafāthe ArameanWafa the AramaeanURI:
    Warda - ܘܪܕܐ(Qadishe: A Guide to the Syriac Saintssaint, d. 343) Names: WardēWardaWardēWardaWARDAThe priest Daniel and his sister Wardē from Raziq (near Tehran ) were arrested two years after Miles ; they were dismembered.URI:
    WrightWilliam - ܘܠܝܡ ܪܐܝܬ (A Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor, 1830 - 1889) Names: WrightWilliamWrightthe EnglishmanWilliamWrightWilliam"Syriac and Arabic scholar."URI: