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    Barlaha, the ascetic - ܒܪܠܗܐ (A Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor, 6th century ) Names: BarlahaThe AsceticBarlohoURI:
    Garshunthe Stranger - ܓܪܫܘܢ (A Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor, late 10th cent.? ) Names: Garshunthe StrangerGarshunGarshon the StrangerURI:
    JohnNaqar - ܝܘܚܢܢ ܢܝܩܪ (A Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor, before 9th cent. ) Names: YuḥanonNaqarJohnof NaqarThe AsceticJohnNaqarJohn Naqar"Ascetic author. Yuḥanon was a W.-Syr. (most likely Syr. Orth.) ascetic on the Holy Mountain near Edessa."URI:
    John the Stylite of Litarba — - ܝܘܚܢܢ ܐܬܐܪܒܝܐ (A Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor, d. 737/8) Names: Yuḥanonof LitarbaJohnthe Styliteof Atharb John the Stylite (of Litharb)Yuḥanon the StyliteJohn of LitarbIoannes e Litarba"Monk, stylite, and author."URI:
    Joshua the Stylite — - ܝܫܘܥ ܐܣܛܘܢܪܐ (A Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor, after 506 ) Names: Yeshuʿthe StyliteJoshuathe StyliteThe PriestJoshua the StyliteYeshu the StyliteYeshu‘ the Stylite"The historical person mentioned in the note inserted into the Chronicle of Zuqnin not necessarily the author of the Chronicle of Ps Joshua the..."URI:
    Nilus of Ancyra - ܢܝܠܘܣ ܕܝܪܝܐ (A Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor, 4th/5th cent. ) Names: Nilusthe SolitaryNilusthe RecluseNilus of AncyraNeilosNeilos"Greek monastic author."URI:
    Sergiusthe Stylite - ܣܪܓܝܣ ܐܣܛܘܢܪܐ (A Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor, 8th cent. ) Names: Sargisthe StyliteSergiusthe StyliteSergius the Stylite of GusitSergius Stylita"A Letter attributed to Sargis the Stylite of Gusit near Ḥimṣ against a Jew who argued that God has no son and that..."URI:
    Simeon of Taybutha - ܫܡܥܘܢ ܕܛܝܒܘܬܐ (A Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor, late 7th cent. ) Names: Shemʿond-ṬaybuthehSimonthe ascetic physicianTaybuthaSimond-ṬaybuthehSimeon of TaibuthehShemon d-ṬaybuthehShem‘on d-ṬaybuthehSimeon d-TaibuthaShem'on d-Taybutheh"One of the bright representatives of E.-Syr. mysticism."URI:
    Simeon the Stylite - ܫܡܥܘܢ ܐܣܛܘܢܝܐ (Qadishe: A Guide to the Syriac SaintssaintA Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor, ca. 380 - 459) Names: Shemʿunthe StyliteSimonthe StyliteSimeon the StyliteSimon the StyliteShemun the StyliteShem‘un the StyliteShemʿun d-EsṭōunēhSymeon the StyliteŠemʾōn d-ʾEsṭōnēhSyméon le StyliteSIMÉON LE STYLITEŠemʿônder Stylite"Saint. Born in the village of Sisa near Nicopolis, Shemʿun was the child of Christian parents."URI:
    Thomas of Hah — - ܬܐܘܡܐ ܚܐܚܝܐ (A Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor, 13th century ) Names: Thomasof Ḥaḥ The AsceticTumoof Ḥaḥ Thomas the Stylite of HahURI:
    Thomasthe Stylite - ܬܐܘܡܐ ܐܣܛܘܢܪܐ (A Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor, 837 ) Names: Thomasthe StyliteTumothe styliteThomasthe styliteThomas the StyliteURI: