Index of Persons

Abel - [Syriac Not Available](Qadishe: A Guide to the Syriac Saintssaint, 500 ) Names: ABELIn hagiography Abel was the first stylite saint of the monastery of Qartmin and was a patron against eye disease and paralysis According to...URI:
Abraham of Kashkar - ܐܒܪܗܡ ܟܫܟܪܝܐ (Qadishe: A Guide to the Syriac SaintssaintA Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor, - ) Names: Abrahamof KashkarAbraham KashkarayaAbraham the GreatʾAḇrāhām KaškarāyāʾAḇrāhāmAbraham de KashkarABRAHAM DE KAŜKARAbraham e Kashkar"Monk, founder and abbot of the ‘Great Monastery’ on Mount Izla ."URI:
Acacius of Seleucia - ܐܩܩ (A Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor, late 5th cent. ) Names: AqaqAcaciusAcaciusAcacius (Aqaq) Katholikos"Bp. of Seleucia-Ctesiphon and Cath. (484-495/6)."URI:
Adorhormizd (Dadishoʿ) - ܐܕܘܪܗܘܪܡܝܙܕ(Qadishe: A Guide to the Syriac Saintssaint, d. 447) Names: AdorhormizdʾĀdōrhōrmīzdAdorhormizdĀḎŌRHORMIZD-DĀDĪŜŌ'Adorhormizd later Dadisho was a high born mobed who converted to Christianity after his daughter Anahid was healed through the work of Christian monk...URI:
Ahaicatholicos - ܐܚܝ (A Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor, d. 415) Names: AḥaiCatholicos of CtesiphonAḥaiKatholikos AḥaiKatholikosAḥaiURI:
Aha - ܐܚܐ(Qadishe: A Guide to the Syriac Saintssaint, 500 ) Names: AḥāAhhaʾAḥāAhâAḤḤAMar Aḥā was the Bishop of Arzun and a Miaphysite missionary saint among the Armenians.URI:
Ahudemmeh - ܐܚܘܗܕܐܡܗ (A Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor, 6th cent? ) Names: AḥudemmehAḥudemehMarAhoudemmeh of TagritAhudemmeh"Author of a work on human physiology."URI:
Anahid - ܐܢܗܝܕ(Qadishe: A Guide to the Syriac Saintssaint, d. 448) Names: AnahīdʾAnāhīdAnahidANAHĪDAnahīd was a high born Magian princess who converted to Christianity and was martyred She was healed by the monk Pethion and her conversion...URI:
Anonymi 2216 - [Syriac Not Available] Names: The craftsmen of the land around Edessa in May 498URI:
Anonymi 2217 - [Syriac Not Available] Names: The inhabitants of Nicopolis killed in the earthquake of 498/9URI:
Anonymi 2218 - [Syriac Not Available] Names: Two synkelli who survived the earthquake in Nicopolis in 498/9URI:
Anonymi 2225 - [Syriac Not Available] Names: Participants in the School of the Persians who were removed from Edessa in 488/9URI:
Anonymi 2314 - [Syriac Not Available] Names: The Bishops assembled at the Second Council of Ephesus in 429URI:
Anonymi 3051 - [Syriac Not Available] Names: Those attending the synod at Commanus in ArmeniaURI:
Anonymi 3130 - [Syriac Not Available] Names: Those present at the Council of Chalcedon in A.D. 451URI:
Anonymi 3131 - [Syriac Not Available] Names: The holy fathers and orthodox persons of Palestine who persuaded Epiphanius to perform ordinations in PalestineURI:
Anonymi 3139 - [Syriac Not Available](Qadishe: A Guide to the Syriac Saintssaint, d. 445) Names: Two children of ShirinIn hagiography Shirin and her two children were martyrs from Beth Zadoq She was baking bread when she learned of 12000 martyrs under Yazdegerd...URI:
Anonymous 2235 - [Syriac Not Available] Names: The bishop of Nicopolis who survived the earthquake in 498/9URI:
Anonymous 3032 - [Syriac Not Available] Names: A person in Germanicupolis who was ordained by FlavianURI:
Anonymous 3102 - [Syriac Not Available] Names: The father of Mitras and grandfather of AlypiusURI:
Barsauma of Nisibis - ܒܪ ܨܘܡܐ (A Guide to Syriac Authorsauthor, d. ca. 491-96) Names: Barṣawmaof NisibisBarsauma of NisibisBarṣawma of NisibisBar Sauma Nisibenus"Controversial E.-Syr. Bp. of Nisibis."URI: