Index of Places

Listings of places registered in the Syriac Gazetteer.


Zabdiqa (settlement) - ܙܒܕܝܩܐ Names: ZabdīqāṬur AbdinṬur ‘AbdinA village in Ṭur ʿAbdin .URI:
Zakho (settlement) - [Syriac Not Available] Names: ZākhōA city northwest of Mosul and southeast of Gazarta .URI:
Zargel (settlement) - ܙܪܓܠ Names: ZarjalA village near Ḥesno d-Kifo .URI:
Zāz (settlement) - ܙܐܙ Names: Ṭur AbdinṬur ‘AbdinA village in Ṭur ʿAbdin .URI:
Zaʿfaran (monastery) - [Syriac Not Available] Names: Zaʿfarān (East Syrian)ZafaranZa‘faranZafarān (East Syrian)Za‘farān (East Syrian)URI:
Zeugma (settlement) - ܙܘܓܡܐ Names: ZughmaA town on the Euphrates west of Edessa .URI: