Index of Places

Listings of places registered in the Syriac Gazetteer.


Rabban Bar ʿEdta (monastery) - [Syriac Not Available] Names: Rabban Bar ʿIdtāRabban Bar EdtaRabban Bar ‘EdtaRabban Bar IdtāRabban Bar ‘IdtāAqra‘AqraA monastery in the region of ʿAqra .URI:
Rabban Dadishoʿ (settlement) - [Syriac Not Available] Names: Rabban DādīshōʿRabban DadishoRabban Dadisho‘Rabban DādīshōRabban Dādīshō‘URI:
Rabban Hormizd (monastery) - ܪܒܢ ܗܘܪܡܝܙܕ ܥܓ̰ܡܝܐ Names: monastery of Rabban HormizdRabban Hormizd the PersianRabban Bar EdtaRabban Bar ‘Edta"The Chaldean monastery of Rabban Hormizd built upon a mountain ridge northeast of Alqosh in northern Iraq is famous not only for its..."URI:
Rabban Mar ʿAziz (church) - [Syriac Not Available] Names: Rabban Mār ʿAzīzRabban Mar AzizRabban Mar ‘AzizRabban Mār AzīzRabban Mār ‘AzīzURI:
Rabban Ṣapra (monastery) - [Syriac Not Available] Names: monastery of Rabban SapraRabban SaprāA monastery near Nisibis .URI:
Rabban Shabur (monastery) - [Syriac Not Available] Names: monastery of Rabban ShapurA monastery near Shushtar .URI:
Rabban Yaʿqob (church) - [Syriac Not Available] Names: Rabban YaʿqōbRabban YaqobRabban Ya‘qobRabban YaqōbRabban Ya‘qōbURI:
Rafaniyya (settlement) - ܪܦܢܝܗ Names: RaphinaA city of western Syria.URI: