Index of Places

Listings of places registered in the Syriac Gazetteer.


ʿIbra (settlement) - ܥܒܪܐ Names: Ibra‘IbraA village near Jūbās .URI:
India (region) - ܗܢܕܘA sub-continent in southern Asia, the home of an important and ancient branch of Syriac Christianity.URI:
Ingila (settlement) - ܐܓܠ Names: AgelA town on the Tigris northwest of Amida .URI:
Iraq (region) - ܥܪܐܩA region encompassing lower Mesopotamia.URI:
Isauria (province) - ܐܝܣܘܪܝܐA Roman coastal province of south-central Anatolia north of the island of Cyprus .URI:
Isḥaq of Nineveh (monastery) - [Syriac Not Available] Names: monastery of Isaac of NinevehMār Isaac of NinevehA monastery near the Dūshā river northeast of Gazarta .URI:
Ishtazin (region) - [Syriac Not Available] Names: Little JīlūBnemāyeLesser JīlūURI:
Iskenderun (settlement) - [Syriac Not Available] Names: AlexandrettaA coastal city north of Antioch .URI:
Isparta (settlement) - ܣܒܐܪܛܗA town of western Anatolia west of Konia and north of Antalya.URI:
Italy (state) - ܐܝܛܐܠܝA Mediterranean nation in southern Europe .URI: