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11/23/13 SBL AAR Demo

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The Syriaca.org team will be giving a private demo at the AAR SBL.

Temporary links to the demo site for that presentation are:

The Gazetteer homepage may be viewed at demo.syriaca.org

A list of all places is viewable as a Browse Menu.

Our model entry is Edessa.

A general overview of the entire Syriaca.org project is here.

Our work adopts the Un-GIS model advocated by Sean Gilles (co-author of GeoJSON) in this article: What’s an Un-GIS?

The general architecture of our project owes much to the work of Tom Elliott at NYU’s Institute for the Study of the Ancient World.

Please take a moment to give us feedback on our project at our user study. We appreciate your input!


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