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11/1/13 SEC Workshop Presentation (Univ. Tenn.)

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On Nov. 1, David Michelson will be presenting a demonstration of the Syriaca.org tools to the SEC regional faculty workshop “Cultures of the Late Antique Mediterranean” hosted at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Temporary links to the demo site for that presentation are:

A general overview of the project is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hh9HjEPrfluHUCRDOLSU7DXrU3CkPnakkvWk0nwV5kE/pub

The Gazetteer homepage may be viewed at demo.syriaca.org

A list of all places is viewable at http://srophe.github.io/srp-places-app/browse.html

Our model entry is Edessa: http://srophe.github.io/srp-places-app/places/78.html

A demo showing how a propospography entry might link to manuscript entries and other data is here: http://pipsqueak.atlantides.org/srpdemo1/persons/13.html

Since this is a pre-publication draft, please note that these links are for demonstration and testing purposes only and should not be cited.  This is especially important since these URLS and content will change before publication.


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